Meet the Team

The Lemon Droppers are a team of Young Living distributors who were born out of a passion to help young moms find new ways to take care of their families using natural options and to help women build the business of their dreams.

Owner and Founder

Lindsay Teague Moreno

Mentor to the Masses
Truth Teller
Serial Creator


Michael Moreno

Keeper of the Checkbook
Organizer of the Bros
Reality Checker

VP, Operations

Elizabeth Cuzzacrea Bienas

Wheel Greaser
List Keeper
Resident Hip-Hop Afficianado

Director of Events

Kelly Anderson Block

Planning Professional
Dancy Party Proponent
Clipboard Advocate

Creative Director

Jennifer Lake

Tech Kingpin
Graphics Guru
Creator of Code

Executive Assistant

Lindsay Biggs

Approvals Expert
Keeper of the Headquarters
Babysitter to the Boss